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Why Is Cursive Such a Good Visual Motor Skill? 

Handwriting can be a complex skill. It requires your child to be able to form letters with consistent proportions, size, and spacing so other people can read the sentences and words. It takes complex visual perceptual skills to produce legible handwriting as well as motor skill integration. A visual motor integration deficiency might be evident…
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Bad Behavioral Signs Your Child Could Benefit from Occupational Therapy

All kids go through emotional ups and downs. They feel angry, frustrated, or sad from time to time and this is completely normal. Life-changing situations can really take a toll on children and cause changes in their behavior. It's essential you recognize the difference between normal behavior changes and behavioral problems and when it's time…
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How Occupational Therapy Can Help With Aggressive Behavior in Children

Whether your child hits or bites because they're angry or for other reasons you don't fully understand, aggressive behavior in children can be a normal part of your child's development. Typically, if any child receives constant negative consequences for their aggression and learns new skills for improving their behavior, aggression starts subsiding during their preschool…
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