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My son attended sessions with Danielle for about a year. He has made tremendous progress which we attribute to Danielle’s therapy sessions. He started OT on the recommendation of his Kindergarten teacher. Danielle worked with him on fine motor skills, handwriting, and sensory support integration. My son looked forward to his sessions, she has tons of cool stuff in her office- a ball pit, trapeze-type swinging contraptions, and more.

Perhaps equally important, she has helped me as I have continued to advocate for my son, providing reports for evaluations, counseling me on strategies for school, listening when I needed support, and sharing her opinion when I needed a second set of eyes.

We highly recommend Writesteps Pediatric Occupational Therapy. Danielle is passionate about helping children, and she brings such a beautiful combination of knowledge and love to her job. We are so grateful to her!

June A.

Exceptional Services

Our daughter adores Danielle. Danielle Shulman is an exceptional Occupational Therapist. She has made our daughter feel incredibly comfortable and at home throughout the years. More importantly, our daughter has grown, learned, and responded to Danielle beyond our expectations. Our daughter looks forward to attending sessions and my wife and I are constantly amazed with the results. Danielle is unique. Because Danielle took a brief sabbatical, we were left with no other choice but to use some alternative local resources (including Rady Childrens Hospital). The results were less than desirable. Danielle’s talent to innovate and think outside the box is astounding. She has an innate ability to understand where our daughter’s strengths and weaknesses are. Each session is customized according to our child’s progress. Therefore, every lesson is relevant to our daughter’s academic needs, temporary challenges and individual concerns. Danielle has gone out of her way to include herself as part of a team that assists us in our daughter’s progress. She has reached out to our daughter’s teachers, conferred with them and made certain she knows what is happening with our daughter inside and outside of the classroom. We highly recommend Danielle for any child’s occupational therapy needs. Danielle has become an extension of our family and we feel extremely fortunate to have her in our life!

Michael R.

Comprehensive Treatment

My 9 year old son has had difficulty with his writing since Kindergarten. We thought as he got older and his hands got bigger and stronger, he would outgrow his difficulties. It became apparent when he was in 3rd grade that he was spending too much time thinking about how to form and write his letters and that it was slowing him down. Not knowing where to go, I asked some friends and searched on the internet. I was so happy when we found Danielle. Not only is she close to our home, but she is absolutely wonderful. In just a few short months she has helped my son tremendously. His writing has greatly improved – even his teachers have noticed the difference – as has his approach to writing. He does not dread it as he once did. Danielle is extremely warm and encouraging with him and has made writing fun. I strongly recommend her services for anyone who has a child with writing challenges.

Patience and Understanding

We can’t say enough good things about Danielle and WriteSteps!  Since our six year old daughter starting seeing Danielle for dysgraphia last spring she not only has improved a great deal in her ability to write letters and words in print, but she now also is learning cursive…and all this while gaining confidence in herself and learning to love writing!  Danielle has a loving, patient demeanor and approaches her sessions with my daughter with great creativity.  My daughter has made enormous strides in her abilities and is now on level with her peers in first grade; we owe so much to Danielle for helping make this happen!

Trevor A.

Individualized Therapy

I highly recommend Danielle. She is wonderful! She worked with our oldest son and is now working with our youngest. She provides individualized therapy to meet each child’s specific needs. She goes above and beyond and always takes the time to provide feedback and helpful strategies for home and school. Our boys have truly enjoyed their time with Danielle as she makes the sessions interesting and fun. My youngest has made amazing progress with his handwriting, which has led to increased confidence and success in school. Can’t say enough!  

Excellent Results

My son, nearing his 5th birthday, began working with Danielle.  His hand strength was weak.  The weakness meant that he had a very difficult time with writing, and drawing, and he knew it.  His frustration level was so high that he had cultivated quite a complex system of avoidance tactics with his teachers and parents.  He simply would not draw claiming every reasonable excuse imaginable.  He loved his teacher, but even she could not get him to produce any hand-to-paper work.  My son said to me one day, “Mama, I can see in my mind what I want to draw, but my hand won’t make it.”  He had given up trying.  Being an educator myself, I knew we had to work fast to give him the skills to be able to hold the drawing and writing tools properly and build up his hand strength.

My little boy began working with Danielle.  Her assessment was accurate and her goals were clear and attainable.  She works with my son every week with caring, attention and a high sense of fun.  He likes being with her.  Moreover, Danielle shows me home activities to continue the skill building that are equally fun and simple to choreograph.   She is highly targeted in her choice of engaging activities that builds strength and dexterity skills using a variety of mediums.  Additionally, she understands that developing the whole body in complex ways reflects on what can be produced by the hand.  Her approach is to work with my son’s total body coordination.

The results have been phenomenal.  In just a few months, my son can grasp any writing tool with strength and complete a task with developmental accuracy.  He is self-assured.  Over the last month he chooses to draw pictures and adds storylines to them.  To be clear, he has never wanted to draw before.  So this desire, this confidence of being able to transfer what is in his mind into his paper is a personal win.  At school, his teacher is reporting that he no longer is avoiding paper-and-pencil work.  No more excuses, tall tales, and rushing away from the worktable to get to the building games on the floor.  Just this morning, my son drew a marvelous picture of a dragon with fiery flames, dragon fighters, canons, and a smoky sky.  He beamed with joy and excitement telling the story that goes with the picture.  An artist.  My son is happy and feels accomplished.  Danielle and my son did that together.  She transformed a sweet little boy who was filled with, “I can’t”, to a boy who is, “Look at this!”


Therapy with attention to detail

Our 9 year old son has been going to Writesteps for six months and not only has his handwriting improved but so did his general fine motor coordination skills.  He had a great baseball season which we think probably had a lot to do with the activities Danielle had him do.  Danielle also was able to spot an eye problem that was treatable.  The specialist she sent us to was amazed and said most occupational therapists and/or pediatricians would have missed it.  What is perhaps most important is that our son loves to go there.  That encourages him to really put in the required effort. We highly recommend Writesteps.


Recommended by other Professionals

I am a school psychologist and have referred many of the students I work with to Write Steps. Danielle is an amazing person and the children really seem to enjoy her. She is professional in all her interactions with teachers and parents alike and is a wonderful collaborative partner for student success. The children have responded favorably to her therapy, and I can see the positive impact she has made on them. She is extremely kind-hearted, caring, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Danielle Shulman to anyone in search of occupational therapy for their kids!


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