OT Evaluation

At WriteSteps Occupational Therapy, Danielle comprehensive evaluation is offered in numerous areas, including visual motor skills, visual perceptual skills, handwriting, self-care,  and sensory integration. Danielle has extensive experience performing evaluations and tailors her evaluation to fit the needs of each child she works with. As an occupational therapist, Danielle has been trained on numerous evaluations and considers not only formal test results, but clinical observations as well as parent and teacher input, in determining her treatment for every child. Danielle performs evaluations for both private clients as well as can assist parents with any  occupational therapy evaluations necessary for IEP and IEE meetings in the public schools.

OT Evaluations can include:

  • Danielle has received advanced certification in administering the Sensory Integration and Praxis Test (SIPT), the only test for comprehensive diagnosis of Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)
  • Formal tests of handwriting to determine how a child’s writing is in relation to same aged peers
  • Formal Visual Motor and Visual Perceptual Testing (a variety of assessments can be used)
  • Formal Gross and Fine Motor Testing (including coordination and motor planning)
  • Phone consultation with parent to gather information about child and areas of concern
  • Test Daily care activities as needed (shoe tying, feeding, and dressing)


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