Fine Motor Skills Handwriting Visual Perceptual Skills

Using technology to help with fine motor skills, handwriting, and visual perceptual skills

Technology has become a staple in the daily lives of most people. From the cellphone in their pocket to the GPS in their car, it’s everywhere. This means that children are also exposed, sometimes more than parents might like, to the barrage of daily tech that is literally everywhere we look.

But it doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

Just like with anything else, technology is good in its place and in moderation. When it comes to the development of a child’s fine motor skills, handwriting, and visual perception skills, technology can prove to be invaluable. You, as a parent, are still in control. You can learn how to utilize technology to help your child develop vital skills. The power is yours.

A sturdy tablet is a great addition to your tech toolbox. There are many available, including the Yeti Tablet which is designed specifically for more robust use and greater accessibility. You can load mobile apps that allow your child to work in the areas they need to practice. Scriba Snap is a popular app that is designed to help improve motor skills. It can be found on Google Play as well as the App Store for Apple.

Many apps that help with writing skills are low tech (think graph paper, slant boards, and pencil grips), but the number of technology aids is steadily growing. Touchscreens and keyboards have been around for a few years and are a mainstay for many parents and teachers who are helping children develop important skills in writing and visual perception. There are also a number of software programs available for children who struggle with writing challenges such as dysgraphia.

You can also use the internet to locate digital resources for doing occupational therapy at home. Teachers Pay Teachers has dozens of worksheets and activities designed by teachers for teachers. Membership is free, you only pay a minimal price for the materials you download.

Perhaps one of the best aspects of technology is the abundance of resources available. There are a number of websites that are designed to help parents and caregivers gain access to valuable material so they can work with their children and do occupational therapy at home. Some of our favorite sites include:

Your occupational therapist can help you find the right technology tools for you to work at home with your child. At Write Steps we believe that parents can be the best therapists for their children. Our supportive, encouraging environment allows your child to thrive while giving you the best tools to continue their growth at home. Call today to find out how we can work together to help your child.

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