Kindergarten Readiness

How to Get Your Child Ready for Kindergarten

Kindergarten is a big step forward for a youngster. To get her ready, help her learn how to do basic activities so she fits in and can participate fully in classroom activities.

Here are five activities you can have her practice so she is able to get the most out of kindergarten.

1. Teach her to print her name. This is essential for kindergartners. They need to know how to print and to recognize their name when it is spelled out on the display board at school. It’s one of the first steps to learn how to grasp a pencil and apply pressure to it, in addition to being a precursor to learning legible handwriting.

If you’d like to be gold star material, teach her to capitalize just the first letter of her first and last names.

2. Don’t forget please and thank you. This is the time to brush up her manners. Saying “please” and “thank you” will start her off as she works on her socialization skills. Work with her on listening and not interrupting. Her teacher will thank you.

3. Practice fine motor skills.  Fine motor skills involve the use of the hands and fingers, guided by muscles that help with buttoning a coat and forming letters.

4. Praise her lavishly. Kindergarten may be terrifying for your child. Even natural-born risk takers end up with fears when presented with such a new and different environment. Get her feelings of self-worth in good shape by sincerely complimenting every success she has.

5. Play the follow-the-rules game. Teach your child how to follow a series of instructions by making it a game. For example, “Get your shoes and them on” or “Go to the bathroom, flush the toilet, and wash your hands.”

Kindergarten sets the tone for regular school. By preparing your child early, she has a greater chance of fitting in and being able to follow along with the rest of the students.

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