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The Benefits of Therapeutic Putty

Therapeutic putty is a pediatric occupational therapist approved tool and provides an effective and simple resistance-based training that helps children develop strong grips. Just by forming and shaping the non-toxic, non-flammable putty, your child will be engaging their hands in an easy and safe exercise that will deliver good results. Occupational therapists have been favoring therapeutic for…
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5 Tips to Help Kids Learn to Hold Their Pencil Correctly

One essential skill necessary for preschoolers is holding a pencil correctly when handwriting. A lot of children enter first grade and still hold their pencils in their fists. This is fine for toddlers just learning to color, but preschoolers and kindergartners that don't have fine motor skills delays should know hold to hold their pencil correctly —…
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What is Stimming?

The word "stimming" refers to self-stimulatory behavior. Some people call it "stereotypic" behavior. In people with autism, stimming typically refers to certain behaviors like: Twirling your hair around your fingers Biting your fingernails Jiggling your foot Drumming your fingers Tapping your pencil Whistling Cracking your joints or knuckles Autistic children (and adults) may: Rock back and forth Flick…
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