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Cursive vs. Print: When Should You Consider One Over the Other?

As a society, many of us falsely think print handwriting is easier to learn than cursive handwriting for students. Adults progressively discard cursive, but, when it comes right down to it, which type of handwriting is better: cursive vs. printing? Cursive Handwriting Since the time when many U.S. states adopted the Common Core State Standards, many schools have…
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Back to School: Stationery That is Best Suited to Kids with Fine Motor Difficulties

Children, in their preschool and kindergarten years, are introduced to handwriting, art projects, and activities that require accurate cutting and writing. How well your child uses his fine motor skills determines the success they have in these activities. It takes a lot of practice for your child to refine their fine motor skills. However, randomly scribbling on a…
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