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How to Help Your Child Get More from Blowing Bubbles

Not only will your child love playing with bubbles, but they're also an inexpensive and wonderful way of encouraging various areas of learning and development. Playing with bubbles not only provides the perfect opportunity to develop hearing, speech and language, but it can also help with a number of other important skills. Skills Bubble Blowing…
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Visual Perception Skill Activities You Can Do With Your Child This Summer

Your child uses visual perception skills to make sense of what they see. This is essential for school skills like writing, reading and math. It's also good for life skills like reading maps and signs, taking part in crafts or hobbies and finding items in a busy space. Whether your child has a visual processing disorder or…
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What is Bilateral Coordination and Why Is It Important for My Child

Bilateral coordination is the ability to coordinate each side of your body together in an organized and controlled manner. For instance, you stabilize paper with one hand as you're cutting or writing with the other. Good bilateral coordination/integration indicates both sides of your brain are effectively communicating and sharing information. Why is Bilateral Coordination Important?…
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