5 Ways to Encourage Children to Write

From jotting down notes to communicating ideas, writing is an invaluable skill that is used on a daily basis. The earlier children master this skill, the more successful their writing will be, and the more they will enjoy it.

If thinking of ways to encourage your child to write leaves you scratching your head, here are some activities that will get your little one pumped up about writing.

1) Offer Fine Motor Skill Activities

In order to master writing, kids’ first need to master their fine motor skills. Present your child with engaging activities that encourage fine motor skill development at an early age. Some options to consider include:

  • Doodling in shaving cream
  • Writing in sand
  • Lacing yarn or string through lacing cards
  • Hammering golf tees into cardboard boxes
  • Paint with different mediums; use feathers instead of paintbrushes, or pudding instead of paint

2) Encourage Your Child to Write Notes

Ask your child to write notes and leave them around the house. For instance, he could label different items in the house or write out place cards for each person in your family and set them on the dinner table.

3) Exchange Notes

Keep a journal and exchange it with your child. You write a note to your child and leave it on her bed, and before she goes to bed, she reads your note and responds to it, placing the journal on your bed the next morning.

4) Keep a Journal/Diary

Get your child excited about keeping a journal or a diary. He can write out his thoughts any time of the day or night in his own, personal journal.

5) Get a Pen Pal

It could be someone on the other side of the world, or it could be grandma in the next town; whoever it is, a pen pal is a great way to encourage your child’s writing skills.

Speak to a pediatric occupational therapist if you are concerned about your child’s writing skills, or if you would like to learn even more ideas to encourage your child to write.

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