Understanding Developmental Delays in Children - As children grow and develop, they learn different skills like smiling for the first time, taking their first step or waving goodbye. These skills are referred to as developmental milestones. Children don't have a strict timetable on when they'll develop these skills. For instance, some babies may start to walk as early as nine months, while others might not take their Continue Reading
The Benefits of Therapeutic Putty - Therapeutic putty is a pediatric occupational therapist approved tool and provides an effective and simple resistance-based training that helps children develop strong grips. Just by forming and shaping the non-toxic, non-flammable putty, your child will be engaging their hands in an easy and safe exercise that will deliver good results. Occupational therapists have been favoring therapeutic for years. Kids enjoy working with Continue Reading
5 Tips to Help Kids Learn to Hold Their Pencil Correctly - One essential skill necessary for preschoolers is holding a pencil correctly when handwriting. A lot of children enter first grade and still hold their pencils in their fists. This is fine for toddlers just learning to color, but preschoolers and kindergartners that don't have fine motor skills delays should know hold to hold their pencil correctly — using their pointer finger and Continue Reading
What is Stimming? - The word "stimming" refers to self-stimulatory behavior. Some people call it "stereotypic" behavior. In people with autism, stimming typically refers to certain behaviors like: Twirling your hair around your fingers Biting your fingernails Jiggling your foot Drumming your fingers Tapping your pencil Whistling Cracking your joints or knuckles Autistic children (and adults) may: Rock back and forth Flick or snap their fingers Flap Continue Reading
Benefits of Music for Children with Developmental Delays - Music offers a lot of benefits for children with special needs. According to the American Music Therapy Association, music therapy is effective in numerous areas like: Facilitating movement Providing overall physical rehabilitation Providing emotional support Increasing motivation to engage in treatment Providing an outlet to express feelings Below are some benefits of music therapy for children with sensory processing or other developmental delays. Enhances Continue Reading
5 Fun Outdoor Toys That Strengthen Fine Motor Planning, Social Skills, Sensory Processing, and More - A pediatric occupational therapist who works with younger children have the in-depth knowledge and understanding of the type of skills children need to interact with their daily environment. Children need to be able to negotiate their school, home and outdoor play. Playing with outdoor toys is a great way to help children with sensory processing and other challenges improve their cognitive, social, physical and Continue Reading
5 Tips to Ease the Transition to School - Beginning a new school year is often a stressful and chaotic time for both children and parents. Throw in fine motor skills or sensory processing challenges and it can be even more difficult and harder to manage. To help ease your child's transition back to school, below are some tips you can try out. 1. Change their Bedtime Gradually If your child currently has Continue Reading
What is Adaptive Paper for Handwriting? - Messy handwriting is a common reason for pediatric occupational therapist referrals in a primary school setting. In many cases, children haven't mastered or don't have exposure to the basic prewriting skills required to move forward with handwriting development skills such as: Formation Sizing Alignment Spacing Construction Kids struggling with handwriting can benefit from adaptive paper. This type of paper is ideal for Continue Reading
Pediatric Yoga: Enhancing the Mind, Body and Soul - Yoga means "unite" and the practice itself unites the psychological, physical and spiritual components in people. It's a mindful, dynamic and purposeful exercise that awakens the creative potential you have from within. In essence, it is a total being activity. A 2008 survey published in the journal Psychiatry estimated 15.8 million (6.9 percent) of individuals in the U.S. practiced yoga. And, four of the Continue Reading
Sleep Tips for Kids with ADHD - Kids with ADHD usually have problems staying focused, sitting still and controlling their emotions and behavior. And, this can lead to dependence, lower social skills and poor school performance. Because of this, they often need special attention from their parents, school systems, teachers and health professionals. Some need a pediatric occupational therapist. But, forgetfulness, trouble paying attention and poor impulse control are Continue Reading