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5 Fun Ways to Practice Handwriting This Spring

You want your child to practice handwriting. As difficult as it may be to find the time, handwriting practice is beneficial for various reasons. It helps strengthen fine motor skills and cognitive skills. It helps build up your child's confidence down the road in their creative writing abilities.  When you have your child spend less…
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Dyspraxia: Explained

Dyspraxia or also known as developmental coordination disorder (DCD), is a condition that affects physical coordination and the ability to process motor tasks. If your child has dyspraxia, it could cause them to not perform as well as you'd expect in day-to-day activities for their age. They may also seem to move clumsily. It can…
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What Is Spatial Awareness and How to Help Your Child Develop It?

Visual perception skills allow your brain to make sense of what your eyes are looking at. It develops as children interact with the objects and people around them in increasingly complex ways. When your child can develop the skills to understand and express spatial skills, it's the first step in them understanding spatial awareness and…
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