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5 Benefits of Taking Your Child to a Sensory Gym

If you have a child with a sensory processing disorder (SPD), there are many challenges you face that other parents don't. Children with SPD who is over-sensitive often aren't accommodated with everyday settings. They may find stimuli overwhelming such as: Physical touch Light Noise Food For under-sensitive children, they may crave too much stimulation it's difficult…
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Understanding Developmental Delays in Children

As children grow and develop, they learn different skills like smiling for the first time, taking their first step or waving goodbye. These skills are referred to as developmental milestones. Children don't have a strict timetable on when they'll develop these skills. For instance, some babies may start to walk as early as nine months, while…
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The Benefits of Therapeutic Putty

Therapeutic putty is a pediatric occupational therapist approved tool and provides an effective and simple resistance-based training that helps children develop strong grips. Just by forming and shaping the non-toxic, non-flammable putty, your child will be engaging their hands in an easy and safe exercise that will deliver good results. Occupational therapists have been favoring therapeutic for…
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