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The Underlying Causes of Why Kids Have Difficulty With Handwriting

An important focus in the elementary school years for any child is learning how to effectively write words and sentences. While all young children at one time or another might have some difficulty with handwriting, if your child's handwriting is consistently unclear or distorted, it could indicate a learning disability known as dysgraphia. Dysgraphia is…
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Reasons to Keep Up With In-Person OT, Where Possible, During COVID-19

During this coronavirus pandemic, many healthcare appointments have shifted to telemedicine and telehealth, and pediatric occupational therapy is no different. Occupational, speech, and physical therapy appointments online are helpful during this time when visiting in-person is not possible. Teletherapy allows you and the therapist to continue helping your child progress toward their goals. It also…
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What are the Causes of Messy Handwriting?

Most individuals expect young children to have messy handwriting. It can be hard to learn how to write letters and place them in the right order to create words. It takes practice and time for children to do this neatly. However, as kids become older, their messy handwriting might appear to others as a sign…
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