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Home-Based Exercises to Improve Fine Motor Skills

If your child is in pediatric occupational therapy, their pediatric therapist will tell you how important fine motor skill development is.  Whether it's using school supplies, zipping up a backpack, or writing, efficient fine motor skills are needed.  These days, you may want to have your child exercise their fine motor skills now more than ever at…
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Home Based Exercises to Improve Handwriting

Plenty of children struggle with messy handwriting and sometimes simply "practicing" doesn't always help. And, while pediatric occupational therapy will definitely help, there are things you can do at home. Below are three home-based exercises you can try with your child to improve their handwriting skills.  1. Egg Carton and Beans This is an inexpensive activity you can…
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Ways Virtual Leaning Can Worsen Shortcomings in Fine Motor Skills

As kids grow, they are developing various abilities and skills over time and fine motor skills are one of the most essential. Fine motor skills allow kids to make fine (small) movements with their extremities (toes and fingers) as well as other body parts like their lips, tongue, feet, hands, and wrists. Kids use these…
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