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What are the Signs of Hypotonia?

Hypotonia describes low muscle tone. If your newborn has it, they'll most likely feel limp when you hold them in your arms — kind of like a rag doll. This is why it's also referred to as "floppy infant syndrome."  Physicians can diagnose hypotonia within the first several minutes of the baby's life. They perform…
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Signs My Child Has a Handwriting Problem

Learning to write sentences and words correctly and clearly is an essential focus for children in their elementary school years. All younger children have some difficulty when trying to perfect their penmanship. But, if you notice your child's handwriting is unclear or distorted consistently, that could be due to a learning disability known as dysgraphia and you'll…
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How to Help My Child Adjust to a New School

As a parent, you no doubt do your best to structure your child's life in a manner that removes instability, minimizes emotionally difficult changes and provides predictable routines. But, no matter how hard you try, change is inevitable and can be impactful. One change that's sure to happen at some point is a change in…
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