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5 Tips to Ease the Transition to School

Beginning a new school year is often a stressful and chaotic time for both children and parents. Throw in fine motor skills or sensory processing challenges and it can be even more difficult and harder to manage. To help ease your child's transition back to school, below are some tips you can try out. 1. Change their Bedtime Gradually…
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What is Adaptive Paper for Handwriting?

Messy handwriting is a common reason for pediatric occupational therapist referrals in a primary school setting. In many cases, children haven't mastered or don't have exposure to the basic prewriting skills required to move forward with handwriting development skills such as: Formation Sizing Alignment Spacing Construction Kids struggling with handwriting can benefit from adaptive paper. This type…
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Pediatric Yoga: Enhancing the Mind, Body and Soul

Yoga means "unite" and the practice itself unites the psychological, physical and spiritual components in people. It's a mindful, dynamic and purposeful exercise that awakens the creative potential you have from within. In essence, it is a total being activity. A 2008 survey published in the journal Psychiatry estimated 15.8 million (6.9 percent) of individuals in the U.S. practiced…
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