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Benefits of a Weighted Blanket for Kids with Autism or ADHD

There are many benefits to weighted blankets to help children with special needs. They provide a calming effect since they provide kids with a sense of deep pressure — something children with ADHD and autism crave. Weighted blankets also help with: Stress Nerves Mood Anxiety When bombarded with their senses, these blankets (and weighted vests)…
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Recognizing the Red Flags for Dyslexia

Your child may show signs of dyslexia as early as their preschool years. Children with dyslexic dysgraphia have handwriting work that's spontaneous and illegible. While they have fairly good copied work, they typically have poor spelling. As a parent, you may have heard dyslexia or a reading disability can't be diagnosed until your child is in the…
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What is Callirobics and How Can it Benefit My Child?

Callirobics are a distinct set of handwriting therapy exercises. This type of handwriting therapy consists of having your child practice simple writing patterns that are repetitive (curved and straight lines) along with listening to music. Your child is relaxed by the music and it also adds rhythm while they are practicing their exercises. When you combine music…
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