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Tricks to Help with Letter Reversal

It's not uncommon for preschoolers and kindergartners to reverse their letters. However, by the time they reach seven years old, they should not make more than just an occasional reversal. If their reversal of letters persists after receiving handwriting help, it could be a sign of a learning disability, like dyslexia, and you may need…
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How to Create a Sensory Room in Your San Diego Home

If you've taken your child to any form of therapy outside your house, you've likely heard about sensory rooms. Sensory rooms are beneficial to kids with: Sensory processing disorderAutismADHDOther conditions Sometimes due to busy schedules or issues with stimuli, attending sensory processing disorder therapy outside the house may be difficult. This is where creating a sensory room…
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What is Therapeutic Listening?

Therapeutic listening is an evidence-based type of therapy for people of any age, particularly for those with a sensory processing disorder. It's mostly targeted toward children, however. In this therapy, the patient listens to specialized music using headphones to help learn skills like: Sensory integrationAttentionCommunicationSocial skillsNavigating and perceiving space How People Experience Therapeutic Listening Everybody has…
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