Benefits of Kaleidograph

Kaleidograph is a game, toy and a puzzle.  Esentially, it's a geometry toy that is also a creative design tool for quilters, artists and just about anyone who enjoys creating colorful patterns. It's also great for children with special needs and helps build their visual perception skills. You can display the cards as artwork, use them as stencils to create drawing patterns and bring along with you as portable amusement or travel toy. A kaleidogrpah involves different patterns and designs by flipping and rotating nine die-cut cards.

Benefits of Kaleidograph

Kaleidograph is a toy for any age. It fosters rewards, creativity and turns everyone into a designer. Duplicate the enclosed poster's patterns or make your own designs. Compete with family or friends to see the amount of time it takes to match designs.

The symmetrical patterns mimic the flowers' and crystals' natural geometry. The game influenced Buckminster Fuller, Piet Mondrian, Lloyed Wright and design education at the Bauhas. The child can play with kaleidograph online or watch it in action.

Other benefits include:

1. Creative Free Play. Where a child can "mess around" or experiment with various designs, colors and layers — both therapeutically soothing and exciting.

2. Focused Design Copying. Your child can copy a design from the enclosed poster.

3. Great for visual perception, planning skills and spatial perception. These are all brought into play as your child copies the design.

Also, the activity's challenge appeals to older kids and teenagers who think they're too old for other therapy games. Talk with your child's pediatric occupational therapist about kaleidograph and how it can benefit your child. They can give you advice on the fun things your child can do with this game to enhance their visual perception skills. It will keep your child busy and entertained for hours.

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