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How to Get Your Child Ready for Kindergarten

Kindergarten is a big step forward for a youngster. To get her ready, help her learn how to do basic activities so she fits in and can participate fully in classroom activities. Here are five activities you can have her practice so she is able to get the most out of kindergarten. 1. Teach her…
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Summer Crafts to Help Promote the Development of Fine Motor Skills

Arts and crafts are tailor-made for bored kids during the long days of summer. Not only do they get children out of mom’s hair for awhile, they also help them develop fine motor skills. Practicing the skills with these five crafts will help your child with everyday practical chores from buttoning his shirt to learning…
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Developmental Writing Skills and Milestones by Age

The physical ability to hold a pencil and write words develops slowly in a child. Advancing from scribbles to a bestseller takes time. Here is a look at the major milestones involved. At age 12 to 13 months many toddlers can hold a crayon and make marks on a sheet of paper. Early attempts at…
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