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Tactile Defensiveness

Children who experience tactile defensiveness, a type of sensory processing disorder, are hypersensitive to touch sensations and are overwhelmed and fearful of everyday activities and experiences. Sensory defensiveness often prevents a child from interacting and playing that are both important to social and learning interactions. Because their tactile systems are giving out inaccurate information, children…
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Gravitational Insecurity

Gravitational insecurity is an extreme fear of everyday movement, having one's feet off the ground, or being in an upright position. Children experiencing this fear have issues with gravity and they exhibit out-of-proportion reactions to situations that don't pose any real danger. They prefer to stay low to the ground and you will usually find…
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How Children with Autism Benefit from OT (Occupational Therapy)

Autism is often characterized by difficult communicating and connecting with others, according to WebMD. Additionally, individuals with autism also show interested limited to specific activities and play. However, Autism Speaks also outlines a list of smaller symptoms which frequently present in individuals with autism, including trouble with how they take in information concerning tastes, textures,…
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